Taking the hassle out of water
damage insurance claims

One call is all it takes for us to start the insurance claims and repairs process for you.

If you've just made an insurance claim, or are about to contact your insurance company don't hesitate to call us for FREE* advice.
The simple 5 step process to professional building repairs
We like to keep our process transparent and easy to understand, so that you can rest assured that your claim and repairs are being taken care of at every stage.

Call us and book a survey to inspect the water damage in your home.

Our own surveyor will inspect the property and create a detailed report of recommended repairs and costs.

We send the detailed quote to your insurer within 48 hours of the survey.

Our experienced team will negotiate with loss adjusters to agree all repairs and associated costs. 

Repair work can then start 3 days after costs are approved.

Once all repairs are finished, we send the bill to your insurers. You pay nothing (only your insurance excess)! *
* summary terms of business available upon request
Water Damage Repairs is a division of Allpropertyclaims Ltd.  The service provided by Allpropertyclaims Ltd consists of dealing with a client's property insurance claim and carrying out building repairs for the client.  It is the former activity which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority [ FCA].  Allpropertyclaims Ltd is authorised and regulated by the FCA, Reg. No. 630201