Flood damage, burst pipes or broken gutters?
We cover all types of water damage to your property.


In all instances, immediately call us to begin the claims process. An experienced advisor will speak to you and arrange a personal visit to your property. We will guide you through the entire process and put your mind at ease.
During heavy rainfall your home may be in danger of water damage from flooding, especially if you live along the river Thames. It is important to properly strip out any damaged flooring and install drying equipment to prevent warping and mould. Your insurance company may try to avoid this, but we make sure every necessary repair is completed properly.
Rain damage
Broken gutters, loose roof tiles and more can lead to water damage through your ceilings and walls. We make sure that your insurer covers the costs of any repairs and replacement plastering.
Burst or Leaking Pipes
One of the most common forms of water damage is from broken pipes. A faulty shower, bath or boiler could cause water damage to both your upstairs rooms and the rooms below. You can rely on us to not only find the root of the problem, but get it fully repaired and paid for by your insurance.